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Anything you can imagine

Snippets gives creators the tools and technology to build and sell world-class NFT collections.

Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to develop, design, and sell your creativity exactly the way you want.

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Why Snippets

Bring your Creativity to life as cross-chain NFT collections.

We built Snippets as a service for artists, developers, musicians, and creative people everywhere. We’re proud to be the only platform that’s fully dedicated to bringing your NFTs to life.

Worlds Beyond on Snippets
Use case

Snippets was made for every one to create the worlds best NFTs

So inquisitive, yet so simple. Anyone can create NFTs with Snippets. Here are just a few of our use cases.

  • Front-end developers
  • Communities
  • Creators
  • Artists
  • Influencers
Create your collection

Powerful tools to create unique NFTs

With Snippets' intuitive technology partners and powerful built-in features, you have the creative freedom to mint an NFT like no other.

Monaco Code Editor

Create your interactive NFTs using the same editor that powers Microsoft's VS Code.

OpenAI Codex

Let your imagination run wild while the OpenAI Codex writes your NFTs for you.



Generate images using AI or apply it to existing images to produce breath taking NFTs.

OpenAI Jukebox


Add lyrics, a genre, and a style to hear your NFT come to life in unique ways.

Bulk generations

Quickly create your NFT collections of any size by providing the base assets and variables.

File uploader

Your media assets are saved to a digital safe, ensuring your NFTs will survive any disaster.

Sell your collection

Elementary tools to sell your NFTs

Snippets makes it easier to sell your NFTs. We've built the tools to meet customer needs, gain the exposure you deserve, and ensure your collection is seen.


Sell on multiple chains and let your customers trade in the most reputable marketplaces.


Sell easily in our marketplace, whilst still allowing your customers to trade anywhere.

Creator profile

Establish your presence online by bringing your customers into your own digital space.

Social interactions

Let your customers effortlessly engage, share, and promote your NFT collections.

Simple transactions

Accept payments quickly, easily, and securely, no matter the size of your NFT collection.

Deployment templates

Bring utility to life with the tools to deploy and sell from multiple types of NFT contracts.

Manage your collection

Intuitive tools to manage your NFTs

Snippets provides the complete NFT management solution that’s easy to use and scales to your audience.



Take a quick glimpse or dig deeper into your sales data with pre-built dashboards.


Get paid instantly, and coming soon, spend your earnings with our Snippets' Debit card.


Always have eyes into what’s going on with your NFT collection sales.

Define rewards

Setup reward mechanisms easily, so you can share profit with your loyal customers.

Hire experts

Hire experts to promote or manage an existing collection, or build a new one from scratch.

24/7 support

Our customer service team is here to help solve your problems and get you up and running.

Learn about Snippets

Frequently Asked Questions

A Snippets collection does more than earn you money. It takes care of the mundane so you can maximise your creativity.

  • With Snippets, you can push the boundaries and create anything. It can be clean and straightforward, or something more exciting and interactive, even Crypto prediction chart overlays. Whether it be in music, imagery, gaming, whatever your heart desires.

  • As a creator, you will be able to sell your Snippets to pretty much anyone. We will provide you the tools to open your marketplace in a collection profile, link your own domain, and sell to anyone across five chains. Additionally, Snippets will have its own open marketplace where every collection will be available for purchase. After selling your Snippets, your customers can trade them on any marketplace.

  • Every Snippets collection has its share of exhilarating and challenging moments, but the amount of work generally depends on the size and complexity of the collection. Snippets delivers you the tools to manage the creation and selling of your NFTs easier than starting out from scratch. However, expect the first few days after launch to be very busy as you spread the word, answer questions, and more.

  • We are currently taking requests for Beta access to the Snippets platform on our Discord server. Reach out with your idea and see if it fits along with our curated Beta collections. We expect to release 250 collections, but you'll need to act quickly as these spots are filling fast, with 120 spaces already filled.

  • Join our Discord server and ask us anything. Throughout our Pioneer launch, we will be hosting 'Office Hours' with the team, where we will connect with our community in video chats to answer any questions they may have.

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    Snippets gives creators the tools and technology to build and sell world-class NFT collections.

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